Special Otis News: T-Shirts!

Special Otis News: T-Shirts!

We talk a lot about gifting and how that manifests itself in our everday life. Very simple gifts can be very powerful, such as the gift of talent and work. A new member of our group this year has gifted one of his talents in the form of screen printing.

Who knew, I sure didn’t, that one of our members was setup to do single color screen printing. Just out of the blue, he offers to make some shirts for us. I was blown away. We ordered up the shirts and I sent him the following artwork to use on the shirts.

For the front of the shirt:


For the back of the shirt:

OtisBlock_screenThere was some concern about how this art might come out. Since the front of the shirt would be small, the lines might not come out well.

2015_Otis_Shirt_Production Look at that production line!

2015_Otis_Shirt_FrontWow, that’s sharp!

2015_Otis_Shirt_BackJust blown away! I can’t wait!

This is not the only gifting that has happened. Another camper has donated a second cookie baking oven! We now have 2 ovens. Hopefully these shirts and the extra oven will double our productivity and our interactivity.

I got to say it feels really great to receive such gifts! It makes me really hopeful and excited to give gifts. Come on by for your yours! Come for the spanking, stay for the cookie!

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