Furry Chris’ Burning Preparation Tips

A long time Burner has prepared some good Preperation tips. You may find them fun, you may not agree with it all, yet it’s worth the read. I asked him if I could publish this here, and I am glad he said I could!

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Special Otis News: T-Shirts!

We talk a lot about gifting and how that manifests itself in our everday life. Very simple gifts can be very powerful, such as the gift of talent and work. A new member of our group this year has gifted one of his talents in the form of screen printing.

Who knew, I sure didn’t, that one of our members was setup to do single color screen printing. Just out of the blue, he offers to make some shirts for us. I was blown away. We ordered up the shirts and I sent him the following artwork to use on the shirts.

For the front of the shirt:


For the back of the shirt:

OtisBlock_screenThere was some concern about how this art might come out. Since the front of the shirt would be small, the lines might not come out well.

2015_Otis_Shirt_Production Look at that production line!

2015_Otis_Shirt_FrontWow, that’s sharp!

2015_Otis_Shirt_BackJust blown away! I can’t wait!

This is not the only gifting that has happened. Another camper has donated a second cookie baking oven! We now have 2 ovens. Hopefully these shirts and the extra oven will double our productivity and our interactivity.

I got to say it feels really great to receive such gifts! It makes me really hopeful and excited to give gifts. Come on by for your yours! Come for the spanking, stay for the cookie!

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Burner Family Feud – We will be asking 100 Burners

In preperation to host a Burner Family Feud event on playa this year, we will be asking 100 Burners (having attended at least once) a few questions before the event. So if someone approaches you at the next few big events, wanting to ask you a number of questions, it’s okay! This event is being hosted by Otis Spankmore and Wandering Maenads, both apart of Silicon Village.

We’re also taking submissions for the questions to use. If you have an idea, please fill out our Google Form with your questions.

In case you need some inspiration: YouTube – The Best Moments of Family Feud

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Lasers – New Policy for 2015

“As of 2015, handheld lasers are not permitted at the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City. Mounted lasers are only permitted on art pieces, Mutant Vehicles and in theme camps if they comply with specific restrictions.”

Read the whole article here. Does it mean all lasers, no, just handheld devices. It does mean no lasers on Burn Night. Mounted lasers for art will be permitted under strict guidlines. So read up and make sure you understand the policy.

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J.R.S. – Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) Opens

If you didn’t get a ticket in the Individual Sale, you may want to register for the Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) via your Burner Profile, starting at 12pm noon PDT today.

If you have tickets you need to sell to other eager participants, you can submit them NOW (together with unwanted Vehicle Passes) in STEP, also through your Burner Profile.

STEP is an online system that facilitates the safe resale of face-value tickets that have been purchased directly from Burning Man. It’s designed to provide a hassle-free, secure way of buying and selling tickets while avoiding scammers, counterfeits and scalpers.

Learn more on the Ticket Website

The Man Burns in 177 Days

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