During the Event

Q: What kind of spankings can I expect?

A: When you enter our Spanking dome as a guest, you can choose from a large variety of spankings.  One of our members will help you choose the type of spanking you get. You can choose from a paddle or a bare hand. We host a number of wooden paddles and some untraditional implements as well.

With your consent, you and the member will negotiate the strength of the spanking delivered. This is usually done by scale from one (1), being a very light to ten (10), as hard as the member can do.

Only one (1) spanking of any strength is required to receive a cookie. You may receive more if you wish and if you request a spanking requiring more strength, the member may need to perform a few lighter spankings preemptively. This is in interest of safety for both the member and the guest.

Q: Do I have to be into Spanking to participate?

A: No. You can’t get a cookie either. All spankings are consensual. You can choose not to get a spanking.

Q: How hard do I have to get spanked?

A: How hard do you want to be spanked? We negotiate with you, between a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the lightest spanking that can be given. 10 being as hard as can be given, with respect to personal safety.

Q: Can I spank my friend or have my friend spank me?

A: Yes, with their consent.

Q: Do I have to be bare bottomed in order to be spanked?

A: No, but you can if you wish to be.

Q: How many spanks do I need to take in order to get a cookie?

A: At least one.

Q: Can I get a spanking and not take a cookie?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have vegan or gluten free cookies?

A: Generally no. We purchase chocolate chip cookie dough. We may have some alternatives on hand while supplies last, no guarantee.

Q: Can I come back later for more spankings?

A: Yes, you are always welcome back during operational hours or after hours to be social if we are around.

Q: In the case of an emergency, is there anyway to contact someone during the event?

A: We have setup an emergency contact system. This will send a text message to a few of the members. Please be aware that cell service is limited. One of the devices will use satalite technology and should be reachable. The form can be found here:

Otis Spankmore On Playa Emergency Contact

Please also know that you can reach out in other methods. Please read: Emergency Contact | Burning Man

“The message should include first and last name, as well as any known nickname that you might go by around camp. It should also include the name of your theme camp or other affiliation (volunteer team, etc.), and its location if known, along with your vehicle make/license plate and any other unique features that will help with the search (such as, “camp has a 20 foot inflatable duck,” etc.)”

For Potential Campers

Q: What are the expectations if I join Otis Spankmore as a group?

A: Otis Spankmore is a working camp, providing an interactive feature, and members of Otis do need to participate. There are lots of things to be done. During our hours of operation, the following things need to be accomplished:

  • Welcoming Guests that want a Spanking & a Cookie
  • Serving Spankings
  • Serving Cookies
  • Baking Cookies
  • Kitchen Clean Up

As a group, we work to make sure everyone in the group gets a chance to participate at a level they are comfortable with.

Q: If I decide to join Otis Spankmore, what do I have to do?

A: Contact one of the members of Otis Spankmore and express you’re interest in joining. Joining Otis Spankmore means you will also be joining Silicon Village and it’s community of burners. When accepted into Otis Spankmore, you will have to register to camp as part of Silicon Village.

Q: How is Otis Spankmore organized?

A: At this time, the camp is lead by Twisty, the camp founder. There are some leadership roles to help manage communications, infastructure, MOOP, and the Kitchen.


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